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BbWorld 2019
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324987 - Registration and Information Desk Open (Monday) Your one stop shop for any BbWorld information or questions. 11 H Registration
324994 - DevCon Breakfast (Monday)

Start your day off right before your next session. 

1 H Meal
289699 - Just REST - REST Application Development for Beginners In this session we discuss the basics of developing a REST Application for Blackboard Learn. You will walk away with an in-depth understanding of how to get started, including how to use the Blackboard developer portal, the difference between using two-legged and three-legged OAuth 2, and the options available when creating a Learn REST integration. You will learn how to setting up a Learn user for the integration with a System Role that has the necessary privileges to make the REST API calls for your application. We'll also explain what you need to do to move your application from development to production. And, of course, we'll give you some code examples to work with. 50 Minutes Lecture Mark Kauffman - Partner Software Engineer, Blackboard Inc.
290421 - Script Your Way to a Simpler Life When faced with the moderately involved process of merging course sections we turned to scripting using PowerShell and the REST API to do the heavy (and monotonous) lifting. Now that we can generate flat files to upload, we are looking at automating the process by further taking all of the manual steps out. What implications does this have for other manual tasks? 50 Minutes Lecture Christopher Filkins - Sr LMS Systems Engineer, Collegis Education
Carrie Cargill - Jr LMS Engineer, Collegis Education
290876 - A Modern Approach to SIS Integrations using the Blackboard REST API and GraphQL Did you say SOAP? Whoa! STOP!!!  Let me wash your mouth out right now!!! Blackboard REST alone? ... *yawn* ... SO 10 minutes ago! What about using the Blackboard REST API with GraphQL? NOW YOU'RE TALKING!!! In this workshop we will demonstrate how to use our starting NodeJS / Typescript / RxJS / GraphQL application to create a Blackboard SIS integration using the Blackboard REST API with GraphQL. 50 Minutes Workshop Jonathan Hart - Web Developer / LMS Administrator, Indian River State College
Scott Hurrey - Code Poet, Blackboard
Michael Bechtel - LMS Administrator, Indian River State College
293889 - Secure Coding Best Practices for REST APIs We will discuss secure coding best practices for working with REST APIs, based on the OWASP Top 10, with a focus on third-party/partner developers who are integrating with our Blackboard public REST APIs. 50 Minutes Lecture Karen Hartman - Lead Application Security Engineer, Blackboard
324995 - DevCon Morning Break (Monday)

Grab a refreshment in the foyer before your next session.

20 Minutes Meal
288419 - Using LTI Advantage to integrate with Learn LTI Advantage is a new suite of learning tool interoperability specifications from IMS Global. This workshop will cover everything you need to know to fully integrate your LTI tool with Blackboard Learn. 50 Minutes Workshop
289700 - REST Applications and APIs for the Learn Administrator In this session we give the Blackboard Learn administrator a working knowledge of REST Applications and how they relate to the Blackboard Learn system. We'll share the setup process for a REST Application on your system, what the different options mean and do, and how you can ensure that the application is doing what it is designed to do. We'll discuss configuring the user account that is associated with the REST application and its system role, and what the other options mean on the Create REST integration page. Finally, we'll show you how you can make REST calls as an administrator, using minimal programming, to query and make changes to your system. 50 Minutes Lecture Mark Kauffman - Partner Software Engineer, Blackboard Inc.
294074 - Attendance Tracking for 3rd Party Content in Bb Ultra We will discuss the business need and integrations and rule processing performed to address attendance reporting requirements as driven by mandates from the federal government. Specifically, we will look at using LTI Providers to track the attendance for student interactions that happen outside of the LMS. 50 Minutes Lecture John Wiseman - Principal Consultant - Architect, Blackboard
Ryan Graham
Scott Eshleman - Software Developer, University of Phoenix
294219 - Lessons from a First Integration Project using Blackboard REST API This proposal will describe how we use Blackboard REST API for our first Integration project between Blackboard Learn and PeopleSoft. Originally we need to create a Building Block to consume the web service provided in PeopleSoft side. Technically it works, but a Building Block is required. Now we plan to move to Blackboard SaaS and we want to reduce the number of our customized Building Blocks and try to call Blackboard REST API to complete the same integration process. We will share what lessons we have learnt in our first Integration project 50 Minutes Lecture Dave Tao - Developer, UTD
324999 - DevCon Lunch (Monday)

Take a break (and a bite) for lunch before continuing afternoon sessions. 

70 Minutes Meal
289882 - Building LTI Adtantage Tools for Blackboard using the Tsugi Application Environment This presentation will introduce users to the free and open source Learning Application development environment available at Blackboard supports the IMS Advantage suite of specifications including LTI 1.3. We will use Tsugi to easily integrate external tools into Blackboard using either LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3 to increase the richness and diversity of the course experience. External tools can provide functionality not present in Learn like a social grading system, or a YouTube viewer with analytics. External tools can also build very rich auto-graders that make online classes both more interesting and more effective. 50 Minutes Lecture Charles Severance - Professor, University of Michigan
290840 - Tips and Tricks for Inexpensive Accessibility Testing Automated testing tools are a great way to start when checking the accessibility of your web applications and content, but most of these tools only catch about 25% of all accessibility issues. This session provides additional tips and tricks beyond automated testing to help your institution find potential accessibility issues without spending a lot of money. 50 Minutes Workshop Elizabeth Simister - Staff Technical Project Manager, Blackboard Inc.
294217 - Display Photo Roster in Blackboard Learn with Web Service This proposal will describe how we integrate Photo Roster from our student information system (Peoplesoft Campus Solutions9.2) into Blackboard Learn 9.1. Our method is different from what we get online. Whereas normally, users can copy students’ photos into some directory or database on the Blackboard side, we do not copy the students’ photos into Blackboard Learn side. Rather we use web service to display students’ photos in real time; student photos are stored on the  PeopleSoft side. This section will discuss our specific requirements; create a web service on the side of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2, and consume the web service on the Blackboard Learn side to display the student photos in a course for our faculty. 50 Minutes Lecture Dave Tao - Developer, UTD
325826 - Blackboard Data Architecture, APIs, and Data Sharing

In this session we will take a look at how Blackboard Data was built on Blackboard’s new platform architecture and discuss the major technology components that make up Blackboard Data. In addition, we will discuss the various options that are available for accessing data as a 3rd party developer, and how they can gain access to raw data as well as data driven insights.

50 Minutes Lecture Minhong Cai - Sr Staff Software Engineer
Dylan Havard - Sr Staff Architect
Reinhold Staudinger - Chief Architect
325000 - DevCon Afternoon Break (Monday)

Grab a refreshment in the foyer before your next session. 

20 Minutes Meal
290749 - Using REST API Framework and PowerShell to Retrieve Data from the Grade Center In this session, we present a common situation and the REST API and PowerShell framework we use to address it. We needed to hold students from being enrolled in their Blackboard courses until they successfully completed an online readiness course also hosted in Blackboard. Previously, we used a Java program that was cumbersome and often broke. The solution was to use the Blackboard developer portal to create a new REST API using PowerShell. The PowerShell script allowed for a simpler, easier to maintain program with applications beyond this one need of the institution. Session participants will leave with ideas of how to apply this framework to their own cases, a flow chart of the research, development, testing, and deployment process, as well as the actual PowerShell script for them to adapt. 50 Minutes Lecture Curtis Berleue - System Administrator, Alfred State SUNY College of Technology
Danyelle O'Brien - Director of Online Learning, Alfred State SUNY College of Technology
294311 - The Good, Bad and Ugly - The Truth About Migrating to SaaS The word migration often leaves people feeling anxious about having to go through the process. It is a process that very often involves lengthy downtime, hours of planning, and learning a new technology or process. During this session attendees will learn the technical processes and best practices for preparing to migrate to SaaS. Topics include: 1. Technical Planning   2. Steps involved in Full Database Migration 3. Tips for a successful migration 4. Pitfalls when migrating to SaaS 50 Minutes Lecture Vertta Moody - Sr Mgr, Learn Ops Cloud Services, Blackboard Inc
290728 - Alphabet Soup - TSUGI, LTI, REST, and 3LO As more institutions move to SaaS and Ultra, developers are faced with the task of redeveloping building blocks into as external tools. Using a combination of the TSUGI platform, the Blackboard REST API, and 3-Legged Oauth, it's possible develop a custom tool with a tightly integrated feel in Learn. This presentation will share how we've been able to tie these pieces together, with some sample ideas for where to go next. 50 Minutes Lecture Christopher Filkins - Sr LMS Systems Engineer, Collegis Education
294218 - Estranged From Your Family? Using ILP to Get your SIS and Bb Talking. Do you have an institutional family of products that your school has chosen not to integrate with? If so, you probably feel very sad about that, especially during Fall and Spring semester, when most institutional family of products gather together. But if you're also feeling guilty over it, it's time to stop.  Let Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform [ILP] foster communication between family. 50 Minutes Lecture Angela Davis - Instructional Coordinator, Instructional Effectiveness, Tulsa Technology Center
Tom Owens - Instructional Coordinator, Tulsa Technology Center
Jill Nerio - Instructional Coordinator, Tulsa Technology Center
Jeff Benn - LMS Admin, Tulsa Tech
325001 - DevRock Client Party (Sponsored by AWS)

DevRock will have the best entertainment and activities to get you rockin’ and rollin’. Sport your favorite band tee while you enjoy live music, caricatures, screen printing and more at DevCon’s client appreciation party. Network with other DevCon attendees and groove to the music of Jukebox Heroes, an Austin-based live cover band that plays all your favorite hits.

2 H Reception
325006 - Registration and Information Desk Open (Tuesday)

Your one stop shop for BbWorld information or questions. 

12 H Registration
325007 - DevCon Breakfast (Tuesday)

Start your day off right with breakfast before sessions begin.

1 H Meal
293392 - BbRest : Blackboard for humans. BbRest is an SDK built on Blackboard REST APIs that makes everyone's life easier. System Administrators with some coding background can automate repetitive tasks, developers can embed calls into Flask web applications, and Data Professionals can use it to pull certain types of data very quickly. This presentation uses a Jupyter Notebook to demonstrate the capabilities of Blackboard's REST APIs following a story along with each use case. 50 Minutes Lecture Matthew Deakyne - Academic Programmer, University of Kansas
293655 - Database GPS: Finding Answers to Reporting Questions Blackboard's database holds an enormous amount of useful data for institutional planning, measuring effectiveness, and retention. We will investigate a few key tables critical for answering common reporting requests, and then work together to answer workshop participants' own reporting questions. 50 Minutes Workshop Jeff Boulier - Principal Database Administrator, Blackboard
294200 - Automating Course and User Management for Academic & Non-Academic Programs at AUC The American University in Cairo is embracing a number of non-academic programs besides its main academic program,  encouraging learners to learn at their own pace through online and blended learning courses. Each program is owned by a different school that has its own course requirements and its unique student information system. A great challenge for us as LMS administrators is harmonize the different kinds of faculty/student uploads, including cross-listed courses pertaining to each program. Manual uploads have become a tedious job, time consuming and prone to errors, especially with the increasing demand on courses requested on Blackboard. This diversity of uploads mandated an automated module to ease Blackboard course management and user enrollments for all programs. This presentation showcases the rationale behind such modules, how this facilitated our work, and how it helped decrease the number of support requests. 50 Minutes Lecture Heba Amer - Senior Application Developer, The American University in Cairo
Ahmed Hamed - Senior LMS Technical Officer, The American University In Cairo
324341 - Pre-Conference Workshop: Design Thinking and the Future of EdTech Both an ideology and a process, Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving that can lead to innovative products and services. As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve it is imperative that higher education experts are involved in shaping the tools that will meet the needs of tomorrow’s students and educators. Join other education experts to experience a design thinking workshop to generate and iterate on ideas for the future of education technology with the Blackboard Design Team. 3 Hours Workshop
324342 - Pre-Conference Workshop: Creating Beautiful Login and Institution Pages in Ultra The session will walk delegates through the process of making changes to the look and feel of an Ultra environment, starting with a basic overview of out of the box tools and moving into making changes to the login page template file to significantly impact the initial experience users have of the Learn Ultra environment. Included will be examples of more innovative designs, discussion of considerations such as accessibility and responsiveness for mobile. This will be an interactive workshop where users will have an opportunity to build their own custom login page. A basic knowledge of CSS and html will be necessary and delegates should bring a laptop to work on. 3 Hours Workshop Nathan Cobb - Sr Product Manager
Santiago Vanegas - Designer
324343 - Pre-Conference Workshop: Exemplary Course Design in the Ultra Experience This workshop will cover best practices for creating an exemplary course, with specific focus to doing so using the Blackboard Learn Ultra course experience. The Exemplary Course Program Rubric will be used as the main reference point for exemplary practices in Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment and Learner Support. Participants will leave with tips and tricks to build a new course or update an existing one based on established quality standards. (Note: While we’ll demonstrate using Blackboard Learn Ultra, this session is also appropriate for those using the Original course experience or Open LMS.) 3 Hours Workshop Carey Smouse - Account Executive, Blackboard
Misty Cobb - Sr. Product Manager, Program Design & Curriculum, Blackboard
Lisa Clark - Senior Client Manager, Blackboard
324345 - Pre-Conference Workshop: What Should We Work on Next? A Day in the Life as a Blackboard Product Manager! Join members of the Blackboard Product Management team for a working session where you get to spend a (half) ‘day in the life’ of as a team member of Blackboard Ultra’s Product Management team. You will get to plan and build a product feature but watch out because you will have to deal with the restrictions and complications typically experienced in product planning. 3 Hours Workshop Dominic Gore - Product Manager, Blackboard
Wade Fields - Sr Product Manager, Blackboard
324349 - Pre-Conference Workshop: How to Engage Learners with an Active Learning Ultra Experience While you might understand what active learning is and why learner engagement is important, building these approaches into a course can become a challenge that you can do without. Which technologies do I use? What tool should I select? Active learning and learner engagement doesn’t just happen, but having the right learning environment can turn what sounds complicated, into something you can easily accomplish to improve student retention. This hands-on workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore how simple it can be to generate active learning and learner engagement experiences using Learn Ultra. You will leave, itching to apply what you have learnt and with the confidence to know you can. 3 Hours Workshop Andy McGinn - Sr Client Success Manager
Mark Bailye - Customer Success Advocate
325145 - Pre-Conference Workshop: Designing for the Mobile Learner "In a 2018 survey by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research of 1,500 exclusively online students, nearly 80 percent said they complete some, if not all, of their course work using a mobile device." Built specifically for academic and professional staff engaged in digital and blended learning environments, this workshop enables participants to start the course design process with the mobile learner in mind. At the end of the session, participants will be able to design a plan for including mobile devices in the online or hybrid classroom, follow best practices for mobile content design and better develop mobile-friendly courses. 3 Hours Workshop Andrea White - Senior Consultant
284711 - Integrating with REST and SIS using Python and Flask A demonstration of a couple of Python-based integrations developed at the University of Sheffield that: 1) allow non-admin users to upload SIS feed files from a web front-end without the possibility of accidentally choosing the wrong options; and 2) act as a layer between Learn and a system that doesn't natively handle the OAuth authorization or JSON data that the REST APIs require. Both are based on small Flask applications. The audience will be shown the code for both as well as hear about the process and design decisions that went into the development process. We will also discuss their current state and performance. 50 Minutes Lecture Thomas Salyers - Developer, University of Sheffield
293791 - Python Programming for Blackboard Learn System Administrators Blackboard Learn system administration can be tedious and repetitive if done manually. This talk will give an overview of how Python can be used to automate tasks, reporting, and even give Blackboard administrators abilities that they otherwise would not have. We will cover learning resources for the novice programmer and share and explain working examples of Python scripts. We will also demonstrate basic usage of the Blackboard Learn REST APIs and database querying (OpenDB and DDA). 50 Minutes Lecture Brett Stephens - Systems Analyst (Learning Platforms), University of Miami
Michael Bechtel - LMS Administrator, Indian River State College
Jean-Max Davis - Academic Educational Technologist, University of Miami
327615 - DevOps practices at Blackboard

This presentation focuses on DevOps practices at Blackboard, current and future state. We will discuss how Blackboard has adopted one of the most important process innovations in software development in the last decade and how we are evolving our practices. Learn how you can adopt some of the same principles in your own development organization and how you can benefit form the lessons we have learned.

50 Minutes Lecture Rian Bogle - Architect
325009 - Morning Break (Tuesday)

DevCon and pre-conference attendees are invited to grab a refreshment in the foyer before the next session. 

20 Minutes Meal
293538 - Fast and FuriouSQL: Writing Quicker Queries Is your SQL holding you back? Find out how to supercharge it: optimize subqueries, fetch multiple pieces of information with a single statement, speed up stored procedures, and more. 50 Minutes Lecture Jeff Boulier - Principal Database Administrator, Blackboard
293918 - B2 to LTI : A Developer's journey KU's journey of transitioning from a custom B2 to an LTI, with code examples and demonstrations. KU has several custom B2s, but as Blackboard developers on-site have dwindled and with SaaS looming in the future - it was time to update these B2s to make use of LTI and REST. We share our journey so that you can learn from our mistakes, and take advantage of our lessons learned. 50 Minutes Lecture Matthew Deakyne - Academic Programmer, University of Kansas
325010 - Lunch (Tuesday)

DevCon and pre-conference attendees are invited for lunch before we kick things off this afternoon!

1 H Meal
282262 - Student Success Initiatives and Outcomes for a Gateway Course This presentation will review a community college's experience implementing a three-year student-success initiative for a high-enrollment, intro-level "gateway" course. For year one, ideas for generating faculty involvement, takeaways of sharing DFWI (passing) rates and developing a workable year-two plan will be discussed. For year two, implementing additional student-success initiatives and collaborating with institutional student-support services will be covered. For year three, changes to year-two initiatives, results from previous initiatives and plans moving forward will be shared. 50 Minutes Lecture Doug Waters - Professional Faculty, Washtenaw Community College
286018 - How to Standardize Generic Competencies in Complex Institutions This session will explain how the undergraduate professional skills subjects at Universidad del Valle de México changed from face to face delivery to 100% online. this helped to guarantee the learning of generic competences (soft skills) in a more efficient and standardized way to allow a better evaluation of the results. We will discuss how this strategy contributes to achieve the fulfillment of the student's graduation profile in its curriculum and the experience of its implementation in the University of the Valley of Mexico, the largest university in the country, impacting 80,000 students annually of approximately 50 programs of undergraduate studies 50 Minutes Lecture Monica Palma - Instructional Design Coordinator, Universidad del Valle de México
Ricardo Castro - Director of Digital Learning Solution Center Laureate Region of Mexico & Director of Academic Innovation of the Universidad del Valle de México, UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE DE MEXICO
293288 - Transitioning to Ultra: The Whats, Whos, and Hows In this session, presenters discuss the preparation of stakeholders for Ultra adoption, outline strategies for onboarding users to Ultra, and share reflections about previous transitions to Ultra. The session includes information about WHAT is Ultra, from base navigation to courses with the Original or Ultra experience. Next, the session outlines the types of end users WHO have made the transition to Ultra. Finally, the session outlines HOW to successfully transition individuals and/or groups to Ultra. The session includes a review of client programs in support of Ultra adoption and provides participants with access to resources to help prepare for change. These resources include a goals and challenges exercise, a sample project plan, guidelines for selecting faculty/courses for Ultra, student and instructor orientation courses, a post-Ultra conversion course preparation checklist, and more. 50 Minutes Lecture Misty Cobb - Sr. Product Manager, Program Design & Curriculum, Blackboard
Geoff Price - Director of Instructional Technology, Belmont University
293739 - Collaborate Ultra: It's Not Just for Youts Most of the time, when we talk about engagement, active learning, and accommodation, we are talking about strategies instructors use to increase student performance. Ironically, these same strategies apply to effective professional development, and the same tools we use to impact students are equally if not more effective for faculty and staff. This presentation will follow the story of how the Instructional Designers at Schoolcraft College have utilized the potential and performance of Collaborate Ultra beyond the classroom and into the culture of the institution as a whole. Presenters Adam Authier, Jason Kane and Kaylynn Mortensen will highlight some of the unique ways that they have leveraged the technology to revolutionize the professional development experience as well as to help build a culture of inclusivity on and off campus. 50 Minutes Lecture Kaylynn Mortensen - Instructional Designer, Schoolcraft College
Adam Authier - Instructional Designer, Schoolcraft College
Jason Kane - Instructional Designer, Schoolcraft College
293860 - From Platform to Presence: Creating an Interactive Faculty Development Program for Online Instructors Virtual Campus Instructor Training (VCIT) is an award-winning, textbook free, online training course developed for faculty teaching online at Indian River State College. It is a 1-credit course that is 3 weeks long. The course focuses on the fundamental knowledge and application techniques of pedagogy for online instruction. When designed, the Virtual Campus implemented assignments and behaviors that would be a model for faculty taking the course that could be transitioned into their own teaching environments, both online and face-to-face. The purpose of this interactive presentation is to share the strategies implemented by the Virtual Campus team while designing the original VCIT course, how the team decided on content revision and how we moved forward with the development and implementation of VCIT 2 and VCIT 3. Attendees will learn interactive approaches to implementing modeling behavior and interactions into new and/or current faculty development programs. 50 Minutes Lecture Nicole Kenna - Instructional Designer, Indian River State College
Katie Profeta - Instructional Designer, Indian River State College
324424 - First-Time Attendee Orientation First time at BbWorld? Join us for an informative and fun first-time attendee orientation and kick-off what will be a productive week at BbWorld. Hosted by a diverse group of Blackboard staff and BbWorld client veterans, you will walk away with an overview of what's in store, tips and tricks to get you through the week and a chance to make some new contacts. Following the presentation, we'll include an optional walk through of The Hub to give you a better understanding of the activities taking place in this large space. 50 Minutes Lecture Vivek Ramgopal - Senior Director, Marketing, Blackboard
Marissa Carrillo - Sr. Event Manager, Events, Blackboard
Sheryn Anthes - Director, Client Programs, Blackboard
290726 - Mastering the Master Course Model As institutions work to ensure that they are delivering courses that include a number of requirements for accreditation, a master course model can be very helpful. Things can get complicated, though, when different courses have different requirements and need to be cloned from different templates. This presentation will present a number of possible solutions for automating this process of mapping a "live" course to a master course template. 50 Minutes Lecture Christopher Filkins - Sr LMS Systems Engineer, Collegis Education
Mike Buchanon - Associate Director of Learning Applications, Collegis Education
290958 - From Meh to WOW! Employing the ECP Rubric and Principles of Individualized Instruction to Help Faculty Develop Excellent Online Courses In “Individualizing Instruction,” Roger Hiemstra reminds us that individualized instruction for adults supports learner autonomy and encourages self-directed education (1990). Individualized instruction was implemented for all faculty in the KCTCS Optimizing Online Learning (KOOL) Academy Pilot. KOOL Academy offered 28 faculty an opportunity to participate in a year-long cohort learning experience designed to move their online courses from Meh to Wow using the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) Rubric. Instructional experts synthesized external course reviews and faculty self-review to develop personalized plans that spoke to the specific needs of each faculty in the pilot. This individualized plan is the heart of the KOOL academy. ECP provided the instructional framework for evaluation by offering validity, clarity, language and direction. This session will detail the process KCTCS used to develop and implement the KOOL Academy pilot. Session participants will learn about the faculty application process; compare and contrast course review notes between faculty participants and instructional experts; examine sample individualized improvement plans provided for faculty; view courses pre/post-academy; and hear testimonial comments from faculty. 50 Minutes Lecture Leah Simpson - System Director of Distance Learning, KCTCS
Steve McGuire - Senior Instructional Designer, Gateway Community and Technical College
Paige Brooks-Jeffiers - Director for Innovative Strategies, KCTCS
Kim Calebs - Online Learning Manager, KCTCS
293120 - Get Your Gauge Up: A Campus-Wide Blackboard Ally Implementation Texas Tech University did a campus-wide rollout of Blackboard Ally on all higher education and K-12 courses. This included using Ally on two separate Blackboard hosted instances. The university's eLearning department developed a marketing plan, training documents, a website and faculty help sessions to assist faculty with making sure course content is accessible for all learners. This session will discuss how the university piloted Ally first, then moved to a campus-wide implementation. Presenters will discuss the biggest hurdles to a campus-wide implementation that have to be overcome, faculty concerns, support processes and how we assist faculty with updating content. 50 Minutes Lecture Lisa Leach - Director, Instructional Design and Curriculum, 1956
Chyrel Mayfield - Associate Director, Instructional Design & Curriculum, Texas Tech University
Justin Louder - Associate Vice Provost, Texas Tech University
Terry Knight - Instructioanl Designer, Accessiblity, TTU WorldWide eLearning
294005 - The Missing Link: Exploring Student Perceptions of Learning Analytics The adage that feedback is the breakfast of champions rings true in the educational work on learning analytics. It is widely acknowledged that institutions and academics see great value in the use of analytics to drive student success. However, little evidence or practice exists in relation to student perceptions and expectations. Learning Analytics affords the opportunity to encourage student metacognition and reflection. But for this to occur, learners must have access to information about their learning and understand its meaning. Concern has been raised regarding student data literacy and their understanding of the information that is being collected and used. For more than 18 months, Charles Darwin University, in partnership with other institutions, ran a project to explore student perceptions of learning analytics. This session will present preliminary findings from the project and explore the perceptions of students gathered from focus group discussions and a survey. It will highlight what data students think is collected, their level of comfort, degree of usefulness, concerns, how they would like information displayed and matters concerning policy and practice. 50 Minutes Lecture Robert Fitzgerald - Pro Vice Chancellor Education Strategy, Charles Darwin University
Bill Searle - Manager, Learning Technologies, Charles Darwin University
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